October 3, 2022

IL-Made, Award-Winning ‘The Blacklight’ begins streaming Oct 1

The Blacklight is a suspenseful thriller that combines murder and magic with a large dose of the supernatural. It’s also funny as hell. Filmed partially throughout Northern Illinois, the low-budget indie film ran alongside a handful of major studio projects at this year’s Septimius Awards in Amsterdam, where it earned a “Best American Film” nomination. The Blacklight begins streaming on multiple platforms today.

The story features a number of characters who are tempted, teased, mesmerized and maddened by the power of an ancient artifact. The situations they meet along the way are straight out of a classic cult film, but they handle them with blockbuster confidence thanks to a clever script, a talented cast and a worthy crew.

Illinois Director/writer Nick Snow and Producer Don Hatton joined forces with a large group of New York artists to make The Blacklight, including co-writer Brooks Russell and several cast member collaborators from The Shorts Show.  

Check out our one-minute review of The Blacklight below. Watch for an extended interview with producer Don Hatton to appear soon in Screen Magazine.


IL-Made, Award-Winning ‘The Blacklight’ begins streaming Oct 1